On The Air with Indy Rock Radio & the Indy Rock Network

Tired of listening to the same old tired radio stations day after day? We have recently been added to a new online rock radio station, the Indy Rock Radio! Indy Rock Radio plays uninterrupted music from independent Canadian rock artists. Follow this link to listen on any streaming device. There is a 100% chance that you will hear some new rock music that just might be worth researching!

The Indy Rock Radio station is part of the Indy Rock Network, a group that is dedicated to promoting the original independent rock musicians in Canada. For more information on the the Indy Rock Network, check them out on Facebook here. If you like what you are hearing on the Indy Rock Radio, let these dedicated organizers know by posting to their group, and as always, if you have any requests to add to the station, send them a message!